Purest natural products 
from hydronponic culture

Recently, ginseng has been grown in Europe for the first time in hydroponic culture under the purest conditions: A safe and EU-supported process makes it possible to grow pure Korean ginseng in unprecedented quality and purity. Scientifically tested & of the highest pharmaceutical quality. For all those who have high demands on their health. And love sustainable products at the same time.

Highest quality standards

The major challenges with natural products are counterfeiting, pollution with harmful substances, unsafe supply chains and high CO2 emissions due to long transport routes and complex processing. It is therefore all the more gratifying that natural products are finally available from a safe source in standardised quality. The magic word is "hydroponic cultivation in the clean room". This makes plants strong, saves quite a lot of energy, water and artificial fertiliser when growing and protects the environment & climate through short transport routes. Packaged in a 100% compostable can - this is how sustainability works today.


Dear friends of health...

as an industrial pharmacist with a doctorate and a specialist pharmacist for analytics, I worked for many years for large pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

For over a decade I have been self-employed and wondered for a long time whether and how the "healthy" in food could have a preventive effect. 

My path led me to the "bioactive" substances in our diet: I was amazed at the extraordinary opportunities and at the same time learned to assess the deficits of the products & preparations on offer. The "real secret" is the right knowledge about processes, controls and quality. This led to our HiQ standard, which goes beyond current pharmacopoeia requirements and is "state-of-the-art" for us today. Since I know what really matters, my heart beats for real prevention with strong natural substances - to avoid getting sick in the first place. 

by Torsten Schmidt-Bader, Ph.D.


Hello health lovers...

I studied bio-process engineering and did my doctorate with a focus on food technology. For many years I have had a weakness for "high-end" products. Early on I focused on the analysis of biological products. Establishing robust processes that lead to consistently high quality at all times has since become my life's work. A few years ago, on a delegation trip to China, I discovered a plant that was unknown to me and that can be food, spice and medicine. This developed into my enthusiasm for natural plant substances with a wide range of applications. My commitment to "high quality" became the core of our project "HiQ - secrets of nature".

by Thomas Lettmann, Ph.D.

Who we are

HiQ-Nature GmbH is a young, owner-led company based in North Hesse, Germany that develops natural products based on evidence with scientific standards. We produce safe products with the highest quality standards for health-conscious end consumers and therapists, pharmacists & doctors specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

At HiQ-Nature we are pharmacists, bio-process engineers, developers, manufacturers, analysts and marketing experts "in persona". With > 25 years of industry experience in production, analytics and quality risk management with research-based drug manufacturers, we consistently put into practice the methods & processes that are "best practice" for us.

Why we do this

Our vision is "mens sana in corpore sano" - a healthy mind in a healthy body. What has been based on experience in traditional herbal medicine for more than 2,000 years can now be proven in black and white for many long-established plants through scientific understanding and clinical studies. 

We are bridging the gap from 'faith' to 'knowledge' and redefining performance enhancement with active health protection through our products. Our mission is to develop highly pure and safe natural products with practical benefits for everyday life for health-conscious consumers with high demands.


What this means for our clients

For us, a healthy mind in a healthy body means: living free of complaints for years, starting each day with fresh energy and still having sufficient focus and concentration on the important things in life in the evening. Living balanced through the day, without a drop in performance, tiredness after lunch or declining motivation. Feel the lightness of life, build up more resistance to stress in order to manage everyday life in a more balanced and better mood, train a better memory and thus no longer forget important appointments or correctly remember the name of a nice colleague even after many years.

How would it be if we could naturally maintain or even expand our brain power for a long time?

How can we do that? With safe and tested natural substances that meet the highest quality standards. Sustainably grown and packaged in an environmentally friendly way. And strictly controlled in Germany. From a company that takes every question of its customers seriously and answers them in an understandable way. 

Our HiQ concept

At HiQ-Nature we live by a very simple motto: 

"We are only ever satisfied with the best."

As a small manufactory, we further develop natural products with the most modern, western manufacturing processes and pharmaceutical analytics and combine them with the Far Eastern knowledge of holism and Qi. We understand the connection between process, quality and effect: with our experience, we stand for scientific procedures and the highest purity & safety standards.

We rely on serious clinical studies and medical evidence. By means of qEEG, we show that the pharmacologically active "rare ginsenosides" reach the decisive brain areas in sufficient concentration via the blood-brain barrier. This activates the release of the transmitters dopamine, acetylcholine and noradrenalin, which are important for memory, concentration and focus. 

Clinical studies confirm in-vivo the particularly fast-acting effect of hydroponic ginseng. The full spectrum ginseng from aqua culture accumulates comparably high concentrations of the effective ingredients as the extinct Panax ginseng from wild stocks. 

We provide clear answers to all questions about the quality, origin and composition of our products - documented in black and white.

Want to know more?

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